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  The Tempest 3 (T3) Ignition from Advent Products is the leading edge in ignition technology. The T3 Ignition was designed to include all the features and capability you could ever wish for in a performance ignition.

  If the ignition doesn't do its job, nothing else under the sun matters. The T3 GPR Ignition is the most complete and reliable solution to engine control. The T3 GPR Ignition brings together a high output energy ignition, multiple performance advance curves, rev limiter and water control in a single product. With the Advent T3 Ignition on your team, you can pull ahead of the competition.

Feature List:

  • Fits 2000 through 2002 Yamaha GP1200R
  • Operates as a charging or total loss ignition, no power on off switch required
  • Up to four times more spark energy than the stock ignition
  • Selectable spark energy for stock or high power ignition coil usage
  • Over-temperature control limits engine RPM to safe level
  • Four user selectable ignition advance curves
  • Separate timing curve for each cylinder, eliminates detonation problems
  • User adjustable Smooth Rev Limiter
  • Catalytic converter temperature sensor Enable / Disable
  • Water Temperature sensor Enable / Disable
  • Digital Tachometer output
  • Uses OEM connectors for 'Plug & Go' installation
  • Supports all factory gauges on boat
  • Uses stock flywheel and pick-ups
  • No special tools or adjustments required


 Part #  Description


 14-5055  Advent T3 CDI - 1200(66V)


 14-5050  Advent T3 CDI 650/701 550.00

 14-5075  Advent Data Tach with EGT sensor ports 468.71

 14-5076  Advent Temperature sensor 105.46

Adjustable Rev Limiter CDI Units
   Your top speed can be reduced in rough water conditions due to a restrictive CDI unit rev limiter. Pro-Tec CDI units feature an adjustable rev limiter. This allows the rev limit to be set to a preferred level for better performance at higher RPM. Pro-Tec recommends an adjustable rev limiter for all engine combinations. 
 Application Part #


 500 (6K8-10)
 Adjustable 18-1161 529.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1161 419.99

 500 (6K8-11)
 Adjustable 18-1162 529.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1162 419.99

 650/701 (61X)
 Adjustable 18-1182 510.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1182 400.99

 701 (62T)
 Adjustable 18-1184 483.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1184 373.99

 (8100 Peak RPM)
18-1186 530.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1186 355.99

 800 (66E)
 (8100 Peak RPM)
18-1188 492.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1188 317.99

 Power Valve
14-5105 199.00

 1200 (65U)
 (8100 Peak RPM)
18-1192 644.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1192 469.99

 1200 LTD / 
 1200R (66V)
 (8100 Peak RPM)
18-1194 725.99

 Standard (OEM) A18-1194 550.99

 Power Valve
1200 (66V)
14-5100 199.00

500 CDIs



650 and 701 CDIs


1200 CDI

Power Valve Controller


Lightened Flywheels Back to Top
   Pro-Tec inventories lightened OEM flywheels for 701cc Yamaha watercraft. Designed to improve acceleration, lightened flywheels will also improve throttle response. Your watercrafts dependability is not compromised as our lightened flywheels maintain the use of your stock OEM ignition system. 

Lightened Flywheels

 Application Part #


 701 (62T) 18-1102 503.99


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