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Performance Turbo  Exhaust Tube

Our goal is to increase the total performance of your watercraft, torque and horsepower, reduce overall weight and engine compartment temperature and improve accessibility to the carburetors.


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 Application Part # Price
 GP1200R / 1200 LTD / XLT 12-1451 595.00

 Catalytic sensor bypass chip 14-5199 18.95

    We no long have heads but we have domes and o-rings,
Replaceable Dome Cylinder Head - We have just released our new C series cylinder head for Yamaha GP1200R / XL1200 LTD. Our research and development staff has combined state of the art technology and modern innovation into the finest replaceable chamber cylinder head available. The Pro-Tec C series cylinder head is a technically advanced performance part that is easily installed by the most experienced engine tuners and recreational enthusiasts alike. Features include:
Performance styled black hard anodized head cover with bright finish CNC machined billet head shell and chambers.
Completely o-ring sealed with triple chamber o-ring seal for ease of installation.
Unique chamber locking system eliminates chamber rotation and premature o-ring wear.
Twelve point girdle system incorporated for strength and maximum cylinder support.
Computer designed water jacket for balanced cooling with water bypass fittings at the front and rear of the head shell.
All billet exhaust supports.
Wide range of chamber sizes to accommodate all performance needs.
 Part #  Description


 14-9425-1  Pro-Tec C3 head o-ring set 39.95

   Domes 800/1200R/1200 LTD 39.95


Every now and then we offer a product that becomes so popular that we struggle to keep it on the shelf. This is just the product. Our new Tee handle adjuster screws are shipping out by the hundreds.

The reason...convenient carb tuning adjustments. Everyone from the backyard mechanic to the seasoned pro are using these screws for their tuning needs.

 Application Part # Price
 High speed T handle adjuster (all 66V carbs) 13-4161 13.99

 Low speed T handle adjuster (all 66V carbs) 13-4162 13.99


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